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Our Services

Reliable, Innovative, Systematic

Our holistic approach to innovation


Every project starts with an in-depth conversation between you and the SI team to ensure alignment


Together we identify the right questions to the right problems within your sector, system or product


We seek answers by employing a range of tools in our systematic approach to innovation 


With “our heads in the clouds and feet on the ground” we bring fresh and feasible ideas


Your project is delivered on budget and on time, with clear actionable insights to grow

What we offer

Projects are bespoke but fall into the following categories

Consumer Insight

Understand past, present and future consumer behaviours.

 Bringing together the latest tools in AI, UX and tech scouting, understand what makes people tick in this increasingly complex world to create products that work, resonate and are sustainable.

Scouting and Landscaping

We help you identify priority areas that need innovation in your product lifecycle. This is typically delivered through a combination of client workshops and global scouting.

Understanding the system within which you operate and how and where to innovate. Using sustainability as the start-point of innovation.

Innovation Compass

Organisations face multiple, complex pressures to improve the performance of products and operations.

We help you cut through the complexity with a structured suite of tools and training so you know where to innovate, and how. 

“We use a range of systematic innovation tools and industry experts to solve product or business-related challenges.”

Paul Frobisher, Founder of Strategic Innovation

Let’s work together on your next project

We would be happy to discuss your project requirements and how we can help you succeed to exceed your goals