Every project starts afresh with indepth conversations between the client and the Strategic Innovation team. This ensures alignment between client needs and what we set out to deliver.

We identify the right questions and the most important contradictions within your sector, system or product. 

Once the right challenges are defined, we apply a range of systematic and creative problem solving tools to achieve breakthrough solutions.

Our systematic approach is our way of making technical innovation reliable and predictable, ensuring that our clients engage in value adding and impactful innovation.

Explore our services in detail:

Using a range of systematic innovation tools and industry experts to solve product or business related challenges. We look to achieve step change improvement in performance, with our clients. We typically offer this through creative workshops – resulting in novel product concepts, systems and processes or valuable intellectual property.
IP landscaping allows us to scope out and find the limits of a technology or a specific product market for a client. This allows us to assist clients with the generation and protection of secure, valuable patents. If required, we can also help clients to understand and find work-arounds to competitor patents.
Scouting for technologies and transferable systems or analysis of industry sectors and markets. We identify and explore white space opportunities through extensive research and coordination with global experts incuding. senior academic researchers, institutes and organisations. Intelligence is gathered, analysed and synthesised into client tailored solution directions.
SI assess the innovation capability level of organisations, so that they can match projects from their pipeline to their ability – increasing confidence and success rates. We teach systematic innovation tools – enabling clients to increase their innovation capability, successfully break new ground, disrupt markets, expand and maximise their “innovation footprint”.