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What it is

From alternative proteins and beauty surfactants to ethical fisheries and high pressure processing, we scour the planet for current and emerging products, IP, technologies and expertise to create a visual landscape of the space. But our real value comes from the sanity checks we conduct with key opinion leaders to ensure our insights are on trend – and on the right track.

Based on our findings, SI will provide a roadmap for short, medium and long-term actions to inform your decision-making.

Why it’s helpful for you

A deeper understanding of current and emerging trends will allow you to benchmark against competitors and identify new product categories, target markets, disruptive technologies, manufacturing processes and other actions needed to future proof your business.

The SI difference

Our talented team of multilingual engineers and scientists ensure our findings and recommendations meet your technical specifications, but approach your brief with unblinkered eyes to provide a fresh perspective that extends beyond the confines of your industry.

The impact

A global product landscape allowed one client to “fast follow” in a rapidly evolving food category, whilst for another, our IP landscape analysis found weaknesses in competitor patents, opening up valuable strategic moves.

Let’s work together on your next project

We would be happy to discuss your project requirements and how we can help you succeed to exceed your goals