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Innovation Compass

In the ever-evolving business landscape, strategic pressures often assume a complex and even chaotic nature. These challenges defy easy categorization within departmental boundaries or subject expertise.

For example, sustainability requires action at the corporate level and beyond, transcending various business functions and disciplines.

At SI, we leverage systems thinking to diagnose and innovate at this strategic level, cutting through the complexity and chaos.

What it is

Our approach involves the systematic application of innovation tools, including TRIZ, coupled with hotspot mapping, scouting techniques and consumer insight.

We focus on identifying the root cause of the problem, because “a great solution to the wrong problem is no solution”.

And our training sessions empower your people to take your innovation capability to the next level.

Why it’s helpful for you

We offer solutions to complex strategic challenges, driven by a profound understanding of the present to chart a course for the future. Our strategies not only promote sustainability but also drive profitability and market leadership.

The SI difference

We stand out by resisting the urge to rush into solution mode prematurely. Instead, we explore complex, fuzzy challenges from multiple angles, ensuring that our strategic projects deliver results that transcend departmental and disciplinary boundaries. This is made possible by harnessing the power of TRIZ-based systematic innovation tools.

The impact 

Our work yields valuable intellectual property, opens new market opportunities and generates multi-million dollar products. Simultaneously, we contribute to regenerative ecosystems and emissions reductions, and advance environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives.

Social listening case study available now 

We have used real-world data on skincare to show you  the types  of insights possible using Hazel