The Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) administer the Seafood Innovation Fund (SIF) which has the purpose to deliver longer-term, cutting-edge innovation across the seafood sector and supply chain.

SI were selected to conduct a Baseline Review, an overview of state-of-the art innovations across the global seafood sector, to support investment decisions for the SIF.

The challenge was to cover a wide range of topics with sufficient depth and clarity to inform investment decisions.

The project was broken down into four key themes and 22 challenge topics to be researched.

  • Marine and diadromonous fisheries
  • Marine and land-based aquaculture
  • On-shore supply chains and added value production
  • Climate change mitigation and adaption

The innovation box model and TRIZ were used to define the innovation context and develop a ranking system for point solutions within each challenge topic.

  • A structured review of academic and grey literature
  • Analysis of patents
  • Interviews with industry experts, academics and trade press
  • Attendance of industry events
  • Ranking and profiling of innovations
  • Identification of opportunity areas



We profiled 613 unique innovations and identified key challenges and opportunities for the UK seafood sector.

Our projects are usually highly confidential and we are unable to publish very much about what we do. However this time, we are excited that you can read the whole thing (all 651 pages).  Follow the link below to download your copy.