The Sultanate of Oman is seeking to diversify its economy away from hydrocarbons. SI were invited by  a government agency to conduct a sector innovation programme to increase the GDP contribution of the date palm industry.

This was to include date fruit opportunities and palm by-products, targeted at complementing rather than directly competing with existing companies.



A series of structured workshops, to understand the current state of the Omani date palm sector, including farmers associations, academics, industry leaders, investors, plantation owners and farmers, date processing factories, investment bodies, banks and government ministries.

Global Tech scouting to landscape production technologies, products, agricultural practices, intellectual property and trends in regional and global markets.

The insights gathered formed the basis of a business TRIZ based process to form business canvases and grouping opportunities to form into full business plans


  • A knowledge platform (Wiki) for use by Oman, providing a national strategic framework for date palm agriculture
  • A portfolio of detailed business plans, developed together with invest companies – strategically developed to fit the Omani setting
  • Brand and implementation strategy
  • All this to deliver the required significant impact to the Omani economy according to the brief
  • Implementation – UPDATE: please see our News Release