The Swedish city of Helsingborg is working on redevelopment of an industrial seafront area – project H+. We were invited  by the city planning consortium team  to understand the population of Helsingborg and how this is likely to develop towards 2035 and beyond. Using this insight to propose actions, strategies, watch outs and ideas to make Helsingborg a creative, vibrant, united, global and balanced city.


A series of structured workshops, supported by demographic and economic research.  Generational Mapping, Perception Mapping, Societal trend analysis “TrenDNA”, Future Scenario building.

Use of “Pansensic” analysis of on-line narrative to understand and map resident and visitor mind-sets and emotions. Uncovering key areas of happiness, delight, fear and frustration.


  • Understanding of interactions between relevant consumer and societal trends
  • Ranked list of frustration based insights from current H+population and visitors
  • Key themes and trends to be addressed for the built environment in 2035
  • New insights, listing critical unknowns and future scenario models to support future innovation activities for H+
  • Swedish version of the Western EU Generation map – profiling of society  in 2035
  • Body of product, infrastructure and service ideas / concepts for further consideration into the future