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Date Palm Innovation Programme secures funding

MUSCAT, September 10, 2018 – 

The Oman Dates Development Company has been established as a holding company and investment arm of the One Million Date Palms Project (see article in Times of Oman). This company was created to implement prioritised business opportunities to develop the date industry of Oman. Investment of around USD240 Million will directly impact date farmers, providing a more lucrative and secure future. On a larger scale, it will allow Oman to become more self-sufficient, producing animal feed and fertilisers, increase food security and introducing sustainable practices and waste utilisation.

“The establishment of the holding company and securing of this funding marks a big step toward more sustainable farming and added value product development.” Said Michala Techau, Director at Strategic Innovation. “We are very excited for the involved partners and the date farmers and for the world to experience delicious and nutritious date-based products – made in Oman.”

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