Electric Vehicle Strategy Workshop

A client in the automotive sector manufactures components used in petrol and diesel engines.  They were concerned about the disruptive threat to their business of the shift to electric propulsion.

We were asked to map the trajectory of the industry, the effect on their business and recommend an appropriate strategy.

SI conducted a technology scouting exercise to landscape the EV space with an emphasis on battery technology – anticipating the move toward next-gen solid-state battery chemistry. This included desk research, IP landscaping and interviews with industry experts.

We used the Strategic Innovation Model and core TRIZ tools to synthesise the scouting data into a knowledge framework which made the mass of data easy to grasp. During a 2 day client workshop we used TRIZ to drill into the detail at component level. The Perception Mapping tool was used to include company specific knowledge and understand the relationship between internal stakeholders within the business and customers.

  • Insight into the future direction of EV / battery technology and importantly likely timing
  • Matching of the clients core competencies to the needs of future EV development
  • Guidance on sales strategy to turn the potential threat into opportunity
  • Technical development plan

The client is already acting on the plan – recruiting new skills, investing into specific R+D programmes and embarking on a new relationship with their automotive customers decision makers and future vehicle strategists.