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Strategic Innovation are based in Bristol, Cambridge and Northern Ireland, UK with a team of 8 core consultants and a range of external topic experts. This gives us the opportunity to specialise in innovation with the capability of deep technical understanding across industries as diverse as FMCG, automotive and energy.

Formed in 2001, initially as Systematic Innovation, we have evolved in line with the natural development of the SI global network and methodology.

In 2017, we rebranded and reorganised. Strategic Innovation now focus on client projects, while the Systematic Innovation brand covers the global network and innovation methodology research team.

A brief history

Meet the team

Paul Frobisher


Paul Frobisher, founding partner of Strategic Innovation, is passionate about innovation. The world is facing huge long-term challenges and doing things the way they have always been done is just not going to cut it.

That is why Paul got involved with innovation, and why he is thrilled to be working with some of the world’s best and most influential companies. Paul loves the buzz of taking a team through the innovation journey and finding winning concepts and solutions.

With a background in engineering, Paul’s specialties include: Systematic Innovation, TRIZ, Generational Mapping, Spiral Dynamics, Long Range Planning, Complex Problem Solving, Programme Management, Team Building and above all Thinking Differently.

Nichola Scott

Principal Consultant

Nicola Scott, Principal Innovation Consultant at Strategic Innovation, is passionate about ensuring the new future benefits everyone and loves using her scientific expertise to help make this a reality.

Nicola thrives on applying technical solutions to innovation challenges and is excited to be working with some of the most influential companies in the world. She has developed an appreciation of how the three pillars of sustainability can support companies growth while making life better for all.

With a background in chemical physics, graduating with a PhD under Prof. Sir David King, Nicola's specialities include: Open Innovation, Technology Scouting, Market Landscaping, Market Opportunity Assessment, M&A Target Identification, Mentoring, Business Development and Programme & Client Relationship Management. She will integrate into your team to ensure maximum alignment with your objectives and practices.

Jamie O'Hare

Senior Consultant

Jamie O’Hare, senior consultant at Strategic Innovation, has based his career around innovation and sustainability. Much of his work up to now has involved working with designers and engineers to develop practical tools and approaches to embed sustainability into innovation and New Product Development activities.

Jamie’s career mission is to help organisations to understand that they don’t need to choose between being commercially successful OR being sustainable – with the right approach to innovation they can achieve commercial success AND be sustainable.

With a background in engineering, Jamie’s specialties include: Sustainability Hotspot Mapping, Eco-innovation, Systematic Innovation, TRIZ, Complex Problem Solving, Agile Project Management and using sustainability as the starting point for innovation.

You Li

Innovation Consultant

You Li, Innovation Consultant at Strategic Innovation, has always been enthusiastic about healthy and sustainable living. You cares deeply about the power of innovative technology to improve daily life, boosting people’s health and happiness whilst also having a positive impact on the planet.
You is passionate about working with businesses that play an important role in making a positive impact in the society.
With a doctorate in physics and biophysics, You’s specialties include: product landscaping, technology scouting, process innovation, market analysis, partner identification, business assessment, project management and bridging cross-cultural barriers to facilitate successful partnerships in the Chinese market.

Michala Eichner Techau


Michala is a specialist in innovation and technology transfer and has more than 15 years of experience working across different industries in Europe, the US and the Middle East with a focus on food systems, FMCG and consumer health.

Michala is a practitioner who enjoys working on projects that demonstrate results ‘in the real world’ as well as within companies. She is an expert in industry section innovation with a primary focus on FMCG and sustainability related aspects of radical improvements to the food system. Among many others thing, her work has helped to build a programme that supports the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture as well as the private sector and academia in Oman to work towards sustainable fisheries.

Kate Bendal

Principal Consultant

Kate Bendall, principal consultant at SI, is particularly interested in exploring science and technology-based challenges and finding new and effective ways to communicate these.

She enjoys getting to the heart of problems and creating order out of chaos – both in project work and in improving internal company functions.

With undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and D.Phil in Genetics, Kate’s main interest is in life science and health-related topics.

Myles Bates

Innovation Consultant

Myles Bates is an innovation consultant with a speciality in design, manufacturing and innovation. Trained at Bath University as a design engineer, Myles is an efficient problem solver who prides himself on finding innovative solutions using TRIZ and other design tools.

With a background in product design and design engineering Myles’ practice has ranged from medical device design to industrial problem solving. Using precise engineering and creative practices he has taken many projects from initial concepts or problem identification, all the way to finalised outcomes and products on shelves.

Mina Forrest

Innovation Consultant

Coming soon.

Here at SI we are always on the look out for like-minded people to collaborate with in one way or another . Drop us an email and say hello, who knows what the future holds for us!

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Client feedback

Customer engagement and communication was the best I've ever had and the output has been held up internally as the standard for others to aspire to.

Innovation Manager, Transport Infrastructure

Strategic Innovation use a number of proven processes to invent around and beyond the current technologies. SI are easy to work with and have a different approach to innovation issues.

Innovation Manager, Large FMCG Multinational

We really appreciated the time and effort from SI. The results will act as a catalyst to spur on our innovation activity moving forward.

R&D Director, Automotive Tier 1 Supplier

The value for money Strategic Innovation have provided has been excellent, the outputs are of excellent quality and the communication throughout has been excellent

Innovation Support Manager, European Rail Operator

SI are willing to go beyond - always striving to solve the problem and not just deliver the deliverables.


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